Purple Pirate Collection

Here be arrr fine collection of pirate clothing in the royal purple, privateer purple, violet or mauve colors.  Purple be the color or royalty, because the dye be from a rare species of sea snail .  It took 250,000 of these mollusks to yield just one ounce of usable dye.  There be a novel printed in 1935 called the Purple Pirate.

Pirates love to plunder from Royalty, so pirates wore purple to spite the countries that hunted them.  Sometimes you just need to add a few purple accents such as a feather, sash, or sock to theme a black outfit to yar favorite color. Remember that Burgundy n' Fusha be a shade off purple.

Complete Outfits
Mens: Purple Pirate OutfitECU Pirate, Mardi Gras Pirate,
Womens: ECU Lady Pirate,  Mardi Grass Wench N Lady Pirate 

Hat Trim
from $ 20