Blouse N Peasant Top fer Lady Pirate N Wench

Even though real female pirates dressed as men 300 years ago, most of today's women like to portray a more fanciful and sexy version instead. Tops should be loose and worn off the shoulder as women pirates be more like wenches, not modest ladies. Use the bodice or corset to provide the support n' keep yar treasured chest from spilling out. So what the difference between a Wench n' a Woman Pirate? Fer a woman pirate you take a basic wench outfit n' add a pirate hat n' weapons. Don't settle fer cheap Halloween pirate costumes when you can do it right n' put together a great looking Lady Buccaneer or Pirate outfit. Remember that you should decide upon the corset first, then pick a top to match. Fer most of our blouses, the measurement listed is around the shoulder and not the chest.

Pearl Blouse
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Poppet Blouse
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