Pirate Weddings

Every other month, couples or entire wedding parties come visit us to assist them fer their special Pirate Wedding. The big advantage of a pirate wedding be that you can wear yar wedding outfit many times vs a traditional wedding outfit you can only wear once, no matter how many time you get married. Pirate wedding be very popular as second wedding or vow renewals. Forget the stuffy boring traditional wedding n' go fer a fun, alternative of a romantic pirate wedding under an arch of swords.

We suggest that ye take a look at the Finished Wench Outfits n' Finished Pirate Outfits first. Where n' when you have the wedding may determine what kind of outfit you get. Having a afternoon wedding in Florida summer outside on the deck of a pirate ship vs inside a church with air-conditioning be very different.  


Most women go with the modern tradition of a white wedding dress, but the tradition of a white wedding dress didn't come to be until 1840, when Queen Victoria got married in one.  

During the Golden Age of Piracy 1680-1720, the wedding dress what just the finest dress the lady owned, which tended to be a colorful formal gown. Red brocaded gowns embroidered with gold or silver being very popular. Wear of a white dress that would easily get dirty, would be considered too impractical n' really a bit boring.


In terms of dressing an entire wedding party, figure out if you have a primary and/or secondary color that you want everybody to dress in for the coordinated look, or if the motley krewe of mismatching pirate will be OK.  Many folk think it be hard to get mothers, fathers, aunts n' uncles to get garb up fer a pirate wedding, we have found even the grumpiest in-laws find it fun to dress up. They may not want to spend a lot of money on an outfit they may only wear once, but we tell them that they can also wear it to the next Halloween, Talk Like a Pirate Day, Renaissance Faire, Costume Party, Gasparilla, etc.  Sometimes the wedding only has the groom dressed as a pirate and other time it can ben large entire wedding party be dressed as pirates.

You can go with the white corset dress as a wedding dress (in all white or with a splash of color) or go with the more formal 7 seas custom gown (which will be out shortly, and use the corset dress as a brides maid outfit.


Here be the Creed Wedding Party that we outfitted, they be might fine looking indeed.  The bride side be dressed in Silver n' Black while the groom side be dressed in Gold n' Black.  Color coordinated wedding party look very sharp, arrrgh!

This bridal party consist of the bride side to be a rainbow of different colors in modern dresses, while the groom side is all black and white pirate outfits with a a tiny splash of color to match to women.  We provided all the tricorn pirate hats to the wedding of Jason n' Maggie.