Working at Pirate Fashions

About Working at Pirate Fashions

This be a grand place to make a livelihood if ye be lovin' pyracy, history, dressing up n' working hard. We be needing no freeloaders, they get kealhauled. We have found the people who do best here have been members of some Pirate Krewe, Historical re-enactment group, Renaissance Faire, or CosPlay. Ye be needin' more than just saying ye watched all the POTC movies to belong here.

We pride arrrrselves on arrrr customer service, so when a true pirate re-enactor asks a question, we are expected to know the answer.  We are also expected to know all about everything we sell. So if ye think ye be havin' what it takes to go on the account with us, e-mail us with a resume. We have a great employee discount of 50% off retail price on most items and the rest can be purchased at cost. Every mate who works fer us will be cross trained to work in the store n' in a manufacturing area n' will be required to have a pirate outfit.

Everybody starts with a 24 hour intership. Ye be receiving a $200 retail price store credit fer the time ye worked, which will allow you to start or finish up your required pirate outfit. Once you finish your four 6 hour training days, we will determine if you will be offer a paid position at Pirate Fashions.

Leather Craftsmen (NEED - Starting at $8.25 per hr)
Must have some history of making some kind of product well. Will train on how to produce leather belts, baldrics, pouches, holsters and many other items.  Must be able to perform tasks quickly and precisely. Must have transportation and be of a dependable nature.  Hours are flexible, starting 3 days a week, may grow to full time in about 6 months.  A love of pirates and dressing up is good. Will be cross training in Store Assistant position.

Store Assistant ( Filled - Part or Full Time Position - Starting at $8.25 per hr)
Outgoing sales girl needed to assist dressing customers & sell unique pirate merchandise. Answering the phone n' packing on-line orders be part of the job as well. Ye must be organized, detail oriented, dependable and enjoy wearing lady pirate clothing during work, including a corset. Willingness to travel and assist with vending at events a plus. Will start out 3 days a week.

Assistant Seamstress ( Filled -Part or Full Time Position - Starting at $8.50 per hr)
Basic hand and machine sewing skills required along with a desire to learn.  Must be able to perform tasks quickly and neatly. Must have transportation and be of a dependable nature.  You will also be expected to fill in on the sales floor when needed. Hours are flexible.  A love of pirates and dressing up is good.