Burgundy Pirate Collection

Burgundy be a deep reddish brown shade inspired by the wine from the French region called Burdeaux. This be arrr grand collection of pirate garb in the color burgundy, oxblood n' maroon. Next to black n' red, burgundy be the next most popular colour fer pyrates!

Burgundy be associated with higher class society n' signifies sophistication, ambition n' power. As you can see we have a boat load of pirate n' wench garb in burgundy to make a costume of all burgundy or with burgundy accents.

Complete Outfits in Burgundy
Women's: Burgundy Lad-e, Milady Outfit, Wench Buccaneer, Port Royal
Men's: Burgundy Pirate Captain, Court Pirate, Rogue Buccaneer   

Ladies Pocket
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