Pirate de Sade

Fer those adventurous souls who be wanting more action in the main cabin or bedroom. We arrrrrrr introducing this pirate themed BDSM line called "Pirate de Sade", named after Marquis de Sade (1740-1814), a french revolutionary famous fer his libertine sexuality and who Sadomasochism is named after.

Or this could be call arrrr Kinky Pirate line, as the marquis de Sade be the father of fetish.  BDSM, currently in vogue due to Fifty Shades of Gray, is the abbreviation for Bondage and Sadomasochism.  These tools offered help one to give and receive pain and pleasure.  Pirates in the bedroom be a favorite fantasy that will come to life with arrrrrr Pirate de Sade line of flogger, restraints n' clothing.

You can take our plunder treasure belt and make it into the ultimate bondage belt, by adding our leather restraining cuff, hand shackles, or flogger to the belt.