Complete Pirate Outfits

This be boat load of examples on how to dressing like an authentic male pyrate, quality buccaneer, realistic rogue, reenactment salty sea dog or simple pirate costume fer any pirate festival, renaissance faire, cosplay, Disney cruise, pirate wedding, LARP, costume party, carnival, Halloween or boating event!

Go from a simple Pirate Lite Street Pirate starting at $55 to Fancy Pirate Captain $1200 or anywhere in between. These are listing of several items all put together to give you a complete outfit. Visit here if ye wish to Build yar Own Pirate Outfit!

Fancy Captain

Admiral or Commodore has the luxury look of a Captain Hook, who sports a custom frock coat plus boots, accessories n' more weapons. He likes to show of his rank with lace, ruffles, metal buttons or brocade cloth.

Rough Captain

More of a Capt Jack Sparrow look who also wears a long coat plus boots, accessories n' more weapons. He practical nature uses simple plain fabrics, more leather and simpler buttons. 

Fancy Officer

Such as 1st Mate or Quartermaster and Gunner.
He wears waistcoat, hat, plus baldric n' weapons with contains lace, ruffles, metal buttons or brocade cloth to show off his success of this pirate adventures.

Rough Officer

Such as Bosun or Gunner.  Roughfabrics, more leather n’ simpler buttons be what ye wear in a boarding action.This be more of a Black Sails look. He sports a waistcoat or jacke, hat, plus baldric n' weapons.

Fancy Seamen

Deckhand or Able Seamen show he be an old hand at piracy by wear fine n fancy garb. Loves the comfort of just wearing shirt, pants plus bandana, sash n’ sandals

Rough Seamen

Powder Monkey or Scurvy Dog just be starting out n’ can only wears shirt and pants plus bandana, sash.  Having to do all the hard work, it makes sense to wear rough garb of simple plain fabrics without any adorments.