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Buxom Bodice

Color: Red N Black
Size: 20

This here be arrrr New Buxom Bodice, replacing the old Wench Bodice. It has a longer torso than the old design, so it covers the lower abdomen better and it doesn't stick out at the bottom. It fits any bust size.

It has the shaping ability of a corset in a bodice which is very rare for any bodice under $300.  This is the best design to shape yar fine figure n' every pirate in the house be looking at ye when ye wear it.
• Has a side gusset on both sides to adjust for a better fit around the hips.
• Flat steel boning fer better durability n' shaping.
• Front n’ back lacing fer a secure fit n' wider range of sizing, instead of zippers or busks that can break. Comes with modesty panels in front, back and on each hip gusset.
• Built strong enough ta reduce the waistline 4 ta 6 inches, other corsets can frequently only manage 2 ta 4 inches.
• The shoulder straps are completely adjustable with 5 grommets on each strap. Set them how you like the first time you wear it and ye don't be needing to tie them every time!
• The bodice is designed with a 8 inch difference between waist and bust, and a 10 inch difference between waist and hips.
• This bodice is designed to be put on with an assistant unless you're very flexible n' skilled
• Comes in 6 colors: black, brown, green n' black, silver n' black, blue n' black, or red n' black

*On sizes 34 and larger there arrrr 24 steel bones instead of the previous 16. This provides additional support and improves the life of yer corset.

Washing instructions Category 1: dry clean only