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Capt Jack's Pirate Sash

Color: Blue Stripes

Fer those who be lookin to emulate the swashbuckling charm of the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean, here be arrrrr fine Capt. Jack's pirate sash
• 100% cotton, not polyester or a blend. This fabric was much more difficult and expensive to get than linen at the time. Resists staining more than linen, but not as strong.
• Full 11.5 feet long, enough to go around ye twice and have nice long tails, most other merchants offer shorter 8 foot long ones, which only wrap around ye once.
• 7 inches wide, not the skinny 5 inch one commonly used by others. As seen in the Capt Sparrow image, the wide sash is the look of real pirates. The fabric will crease up and shrink..
• This sash has an unfinished torn edge, which is perfect for the rugged look.
• Sashes should always be worn with a good leather belt.

Washing instructions Category 2: wash cold, line dry


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