Merchantmens Sash

Color: Jolly Red Taffeta

This sash be a grand 'un, taken from a rich, fat merchantman's ship we plundered last week.  This be a double sided sash with black cotton on one side and colored fabric on the other. 

• Full 12 feet long, enought to go around yer waist twice n' still have nice long tails
• About 6 inches wide
• Black or matching color fringes on each end, depending on availability
• Comes in two different styles: cotton calico, the same fabric as arrrr calico bandanas, or a variety of colored watered taffeta, the same fabric we use on arrr Boucanier Breeches and Corsair Wesket.

We have many calico colors that match our calico bandanas that may not be listed here, so email us for availability on matching yer sash to yer bandana!

Washing instructions Category 2: Hand wash, line dry

You can get a matching Calico Bandana to match some of the calico merchantmen sashes.

As seen in Movies, TV series, Museum, News Show, n' Disney.