Pirate Cuttoe Sword

Style: Polished Black

Perfect short cut n' stabbing blade fer naval boarding actions.  The wide n' heavy weight of this pirate sword be made fer aggressive close quarter combat. Similar to a machete with a guard on it. It be the are third custom sword made just fer Pirate Fashions, so ye won't be finding it's like anywhere else! This be a simple n' classic design that be favored by pirates n' buccaneers.   Cuttoe be a term used for hunting sword or short sword during the 16th n' 17th century. Great fer double sword action! This short sword be only 4 inches longer than the Boucan Knife, as seen in the last photo.   

• Made of 1060 High Carbon Steel
• Can be used in Left or Right Hand
• Leather Wrapped Handle with Peeded Pommel
• Battle Ready Sword ready fer sword fighting
• 18 inch Heat Tempered Harden Blade, Unsharped
• Leather Scabbard with metal fittings which are Blued
• Single Edged Blade with Double Fuller or Blood Groove
• Come in the Polished Black and Antiqued Brown
• Overall Length: 24" Weight: 2 lbs 8 oz 
• Very similar to the set the Anne Bonnie of Black Sails uses