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Pirate Haversack
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Pirate Haversack
Pirate Haversack in Rogue Brown
Pirate Haversack
Black Pirate Haversack Front View
Pirate Haversack
Black Pirate Bag
Royal Burgundy Pirate Haversack Button Detail
Pirate Haversack
Pirate Haversack

Pirate Haversack

$ 25.00

Pirate Black
Royal Burgundy
Rogue Brown
Artillary Blue
Sail Cloth White
Navy Blue

haversack is a bag that's carried by a single shoulder strap. Originally the haversack was designed to hold food rations. Everyone makes them in white, but fer a pirate, we make them in black, as well as other colors.  We make these haversacks right here at Pirate Fashions!

• Heavy 100% cotton duck canvas
• Large 12" x 15" size, can fit 15 Hot Pirate Babe calendars!
• Neck strap is 55 inches long but can be made shorter
• Simple, affordable design
• Pewter or brass closure button

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