Buccaneer Fabric Baldric

Material: Black

There be many illustrations of baldrics made of fabric instead of all leather.  This is perfect fer mates who want something more comfortable than heavy leather digging into yar shoulder. 

• The fabric strap is adjustable by tying it to the ring on the frog (good to a XXXL size)
• The frog be made of a thick 9 oz leather in black
• This sword frog is slightly angled to the back 
• It fits swords or big daggers and can be adjusted with the tightening of the ribbon n' securing belt
• Can be worn by men or women
• Currently comes in two colors: Red  with brass and Black with nickel to match the Corsair Wesket, Boucainer Breeches, Ladies Coats or Waist Cincher.

As seen in Movies, TV series, Museum, News Show, n' Disney.