Lady Bloomers

Color: Virgin White Short
Size: Sm 22-28

Bloomers be super comfortable fer all the ladies who don't want to wear a skirt or who want something to wear under their skirt. Inspired by the pantaloons of Turkey they also be called the"Turkish Dress" which became popular in the 1850's.  Named after Amelia Bloomer who first publicized the shorts in her "Water-Cure Journal", bloomers arrrrr seen in lots of cowboy movies n' have moved to the pirate world.  They be popular n' fun!

NOTE: Two length:
• Short is Knee High, 21 inches long,
* Long is Ankle High, 34 inches long.
• Made of 100% cotton
• Available in two colors: Virgin White n' Pirate Black
• Draw string around the waist, with a 4 to 10 inch adjustment

Looks great with arrrr Pearl Blouse. 

Washing instructions Category 4: Machine Wash N' Dry