Lady Buccaneer Boot

Size: 6
Here be a beautiful lookin' women's boot made o' real leather. This be the very first boot made under Pirate Fashion's name. We've made major improvements not found on other women's boots on the market. These boot where designed to walk a parade comfortably.

• Durable goat leather
• Semi-pointed toe, feminine but comfortable
 • Attractive heel, low enough to walk comfortably but tall enough to be feminine.
• Adjustable back with 8 sets of grommets n' a cord tie
Size 6 will fit a calf 14 - 15 inches around
Size 10 will fit a calf 15 - 17 inches around
• Solid wood 2.5 inch heel
• Textured non-slip rubber on the sole and heel
• Available in full sizes only, so if you wear a size 6.5, order a size 7
 They run true to size, not small or big, They are a B in width, so they are narrow for people with wide feet.
• Can be worn all the way up 26 inches high, with the flaps rolled down they're 19 inches high
• Adjustable leather retaining strap to prevent drooping