Tortuga Bodice Reversible

Color: Red N Black
Size: SM 30-34

This be a well made n' versatile bodice.  Perfect fer those of ye that don't want to wear a fully steel boned corset. Part of arrrr new Tortuga Women's line.  

• Arrr only reversible bodice
• 4 Options: Black N Crimson Red, Green N Brown, Navy N Gray, and Blue N Black (being discontinued)
• 10 sewn grommets with brass points on the lace fer quick lacing up
• 2 flat metal bones in the front so the front doesn't bunch
• 100% cotton medium weight fabric
• This be the English style of bodice with the longer peplum, vs the shorter French bodice style. 
• The longer peplum give a more flattering hour glass shape

Comes in five sizes: 
Small: Waist 26-30; Chest 30-34
Medium: Waist 30-34; Chest 34-38
Large: Waist 34-40; Chest 38-44
XL: Waist 40-46; Chest 44-50

**Now in XXL - Waist 46-52;Chest 50-54

Unlike arrrr fully boned corset, this comfort bodice measures exactly to your waist n' chest measures without any deductions. If you are near the edge, go to the next size up.

NOTE: The Blue N Black color is being discontinued and replaced with Navy N Gray.

Washing Instructions Category 2: Hand Wash, Line Dry
Make sure you wash this by itself the first time, as the dyes need to wash out.
NOTE:  Some of the tag are marked incorrectly, Category 3: Machine Wash Cold, Line Dry; which will result in the front steel bones pocking through the fabric, so do not machine wash.