Purple Robe A La Francaise

Title: Wine Robe A La Francaise

Here be a the perfect purple dress fer a pirate princess or pirate wedding. This be a special one-of-kind outfit plundered, we mean rescued, from a very talented merchant aboard a sinking vessel, if ye know what we mean. Formerly used in a period opera.

This be in the style of 1760-1770 period n' has 3/4 sleeves with lace n' a fully lined split front skirt. It is made out of purple colored silk trimmed with black lace with a matching silk petticoat. This gown is designed to be worn with a small hoop or bustle pad/cage which is not included.

Chest: 36-38 inches, Waist: 28-31 inches
Condition: Excellent (A)
Washing instructions Category 1: Dry clean only

Condition Issues: Frayed and loose threads throughout garment; Unfinished hemming on sleeves.

Note: Opera gowns are for theatrical purposes and are not made using regular garment construction, making them a bit more delicate to wear.