Women's Port Royal Waistcoat

Color: Pirate Black
Size: S/M 34-40

This be arrrr first men's style pirate waistcoat designed to fit the shape of a women. Part of the Women's Port Royal outfit. Perfect fer lady pirates of any size who wants to wear men's clothes, but still look feminine.  

• Come in 4 colors: Pirate Black, Sea Blue, Privateer Purple n Royal Burgundy
• Come with two small functional pockets
Made from 100% cotton damask fabric
• Designed to be worn open, fitted for woman's shape
• Waistcoat be lined on inside
• Panel in back to adjust sizing

Washing instructions Category 2: Hand wash line dry

Size Chart: 

 Size Chest (inches) Waist (Inches)

Waistcoat length (Inches)

S/M 32 - 37 29 - 34 37.5"
L 36 -41 33 -38 37.5"
XL 36 - 45 34 - 43 39"
XXL 40 - 49 39 - 48 40"


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