Custom Ladies Formal Gown

This be arrrrr very grand ladies gown with a ship load of custom options to make this special outfit yar very down signature style. Do watch the Custom Ladies Gown Video to see all the different options available.  One gown, many different looks.  

By changing the way this Robe a la Anglaise is hiked, it can be worn 3 different ways: Mantua (Spanish style) from the 1700, a Robe a la Anglaise (French n' English style) of the 1740, or a Polonaise (Polish style) of the 1780. 

Robe a la Anglaise be very similar to the Robe a la Francaise, but the French one has a sack or cape in the back of the gown.  Everybody is doing the Marie Antoinette Sackback or Watteau (French style) of the 1780 instead of the 1700 gowns of the Golden Age of Pirates 1680-1730.  None of them is 100% correct as the Mantua should have a long train (not practical), but would not work for the other two styles, so we compromised so we could get 3 different looks out of one gown. We used a changeable stomacher instead of a permanent front panel.

These garments be finished here at Pirate Fashions, so it may take an extra 10 to 14 days to make yer order. You can buy the basic gown (as seen in the black gown) n' DYI yar own decorations to personalize yarself! Gowns arrr made of a 100% cotton Damask of medium-light weight that be breathable n' prefect fer dancing.  A wedding gown and military gown will be available in about a year.  This is only one part of the complete Lady Pirate Court Gown Outfit.

NOTE: Video Coming Soon. Due to the custom nature of this gown, it is NOT exchangeable or refundable. The trim only option is not available, only lace or lace N' trim.

Washing instructions Category 1: dry clean only.