Admiral Gardner 20 Treasure Coin

These copper coins were minted in England, for the British East India Company (EIC), in 1808. They are some of the first coins in the world to be minted by steam power. Destined to be used to pay the East Indian Company workers in Madras and Bengal. They were loaded on board the East Indiaman Merchanmen Tallship, Admiral Gardner. But on January 24, 1809, she was caught in a storm in the English Channel and sank on Goodwin Sands, never to be seen again until 1985. 

This coins came in 10 and 20 Cash Denominations.  The larger 20 coin be more rare and valuable. These coins are Grade 1- as they are in nearly mint condition, just a bit tarnished as they are copper and old.

These are the most affordable authentic ship wrecked treasure coins you will find on the market.