Ball Butt Flogger

Color: Black N Red

During the age of sail, the flogger be used a tool fer military punishment. A ball butt was a common feature on early calvary pistols, where there a was large ball at the end of the pistol handle to make pulling a pistol out of a holster easier. The wide suede leather be soft, n safe to use at a party or for beginners. The ball allow the flogger to rotate easily around your the thumb and forefinger, so it be perfect for dual handed Florentine flogging.

• Beautiful brass handle
• Made of a red and black 1.25 inch wide suede
• Thirteen 21 inch long tails
• 4 oz suede has a heavy weight, makes a great sound with impact
• Sold individually, not in a set
• Overall Length: 28", Weight: 1 lbs 2 oz