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Bloody Breezy Head Scarf

Color: Red N Black Stripes

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This be the bandana to match the bloody breezy sashes. Here be a custom woven head scarf from the far away Heavenly Kingdom of Nepal, freshly taken from an East Indian Merchantmen.  Wide, striped weave allows air to flow through this sash, perfect fer a sailor who roams the tropics. It's not a bandana, cause it not be in a triangle shape, but more of a head band. Another Pirate Fashions exclusive, arrrrrgh!

• This head scarf be hand woven in a loose style so it will breath in the hot tropic weather.  You can see through it close up, but it looks solid from afar.
• 30% silk from the eastern lands of Asia and 70% linen. Silk makes this sash soft n' linen makes it durable.
• Full 54 inches long, enough to have nice long tails
• 6.5 inches wide
• Comes in two colors: Black N White and Red N Black
• Matches the Bloody Breeze Pirate Sashes

Washing instructions Category 3: wash cold, line dry