Bloody Hip Holster Belt

Material: Brass

Here be one of arrrr exclusive pirate products made right here in arrrrrr own leather shop.  

• Can be worn individually or as a 2 piece system
• Made in a thick 9 oz leather in black
• This hip belt can be worn on the right or left side and can be changed to the other side with adjustment of 2 Chicago screws.
• It fits medium or large pistols and can be adjusted with the tightening of the ribbon n' securing belt.
• Sized 20 to 40 inches, this belt is designed to wear from the top of yar hip to the top of yar waist to present a more attractive diagonal line
• The edge of the leather is beveled so it doesn't dig into the skin
• Ye can easly change the ribbon to match any of yar outfits.
• Originally designed fer wenches, but we have had numerous rogues buy one fer themselves and like it!