Bloody Pirate Shirt

Color: Crimson Red
Size: Sm/Med 40

We have had many a buccaneer ask us fer a red shirt, as the only one they be able to find be ladies garments. Nothing girly about this fine shirt and it's great when ye want a big splash of color.

• Band collar with 6 sets of eyelets with red cord to tighten up the opening, perfect fer showing of yar manly chest hairs
•9 sets of eyelets at the cuff to keep the baggy sleeves out of the way fer sword fighting
Made from 100% rayon, light weight n' cool
• Affordably priced this shirt be a great value
• Available in two colors: crimson red n' yellow gold

Note: As with any eyelets on fabric,  the eyelets arrrrr  prone to falling  out  after a number of wearings, so if ye want a super long lasting shirt pick one of the more expensive shirts.  If ye require that worn, scurvy dog pirate look, this shirt will be perfect after a bit of wear arrrrgh!

Washing instructions Category 2: Hand wash or wash cold in garment bag, line dry

As seen in Movies, TV series, Museum, News Show, n' Disney.