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Buccaneer Boot Toppers

Material: Brass

Instantly transform yar regular shoes or boots into a pirate boot!  This be a good quality topper made of leather with lots of strap to secure it firmly onto yar shoe.  No saggy boot tops be found with these!

• Made of high quality black cowhide
• Set of 3 leather straps buckle around the legs
• Brass period buckles with butterfly brush guards to secure around bottom of yer shoe
• Adjustable to fit from size 6 to 16
• Good if you have a nice broken in shoe that you would like to wear with yar pirate garb
• Works with both men's or women's shoes or boots

HINT: If you are on the smaller side, you can trim both the straps n' sides of the boot topper to make for the better fit, as there be a lot of extra leather to fit a size 16 foot.


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