Morgan Cape

Color: Artillery Blue

This cape be modeled after Henry Captain Morgan, n' be perfect fer finishing off an accurate Captain Morgan costume, or fer pirates with a dramatic flare, well suited fer attending balls n' masquerades, 

• Made of 100% linen in artillery blue, much cooler n' lighter that wood
• Has a top mantle over the cape as illustrated in the paintings
• Metallic gold trim at the edge of the cape to match the Henry Morgan frock coat
• Two button holes to fasten it to yar coat, instead of the traditional rope across the neck, as the weight of this cloak makes it pull on yer neck and pirates don't like the feeling of rope around their necks.

Washing instructions Category 1: dry clean or spot clean

These garments be made here at Pirate Fashions, sometimes we have them in stock, but many times we will have to make them once you order them so it may take an extra 1 to 2 week to receive yer order.