Court Pirate Waistcoat

Color: Black SV
Size: Med 36-40

When ye be needing to dress up to raid the king's court or show up to a pirate bash, this be the finest quality waistcoat we carry.  This be the similar to arrr popular Seawolf waistcoat, but longer n' fancier.  With an elegant baroque/rococo flair, this here waistcoat be perfect fer attending the Carnival in Venice or a masquerade ball.  

• Comes in 5 color options: Black with Silver Trim, Black with Gold Trim, Burgundy with Gold Trim, Blue with Silver Trim, Purple with Gold Trim
• Made of 100% Cotton Damask Fabric

• Gold or Silver metallic trim around button holes in front and back
• Lace up back with a slit that will expand up to 6 inches in the waist

• Two functional pockets
• Fully lined with cotton/linen blend
• 17 real metal buttons, may be silver or gold based on choice of fabric
• One slit in the back and two at side to give flexiblity during fighting.
• From the beginning of Golden Age of piracy, goes to yer knee

Washing instructions Category 2: Hand Wash, Line Dry

As seen in Movies, TV series, Museum, News Show, n' Disney.