Dark Weather Cloak

Color: Pirate Black

When the weather be dark, cold, windy or rainy, ye'll be needin' this versatile garment, perfect for any pirate or wench. Also known as a Boat Cloak, great when keeping watch at night. This is another original design from Pirate Fashions, based on a historical design, that can't be found anywhere else!

• Comes in two parts the main cloak and the detachable top mantle.
•The main cloak be made of thick and warm wool and is 52 inches long. It has 3 large brass metal buttons on the tall highwayman's collar and 4 large brass buttons to attach the separate cape.  Trim can be added as an option for an additional fee.
• The detachable top mantle be made of wool on one side and waterproof wax cloth on the other side. Sailors have used wax cloth to keep out the elements fer hundreds of years. There be 5 large metal buttons on one side to fasten the mantle down the front.
• This piece can be worn many different ways: the cape by itself, the cloak by itself, the cape with the oilcloth facing up or down, the with the highwayman's collar buttoned up or down, with the cape open or closed and buttoned up the front. The cape can also be pulled up n' used as a hood under yar tricorn hat.

• Now has a leather scissor clip to attach each side so ye can wear the cloak under one arm and sword fight.

This garment be made here at Pirate Fashions, sometimes we have them in stock, but many times we will have to make them once you order them, so it may take an extra 1 to 2 week to receive yer order.

As seen in Movies, TV series, Museum, News Show, n' Disney.


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