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Dutch East Indian Trading Company Coin

In Tiger Lee's adventures to the Old World, I came across these coin at the National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam, which housed the East Indiaman Amsterdam, which is one of the favorite target of Pirates who hunted in the Indian Ocean in the mid 17th century, after fleeing the Caribbeans.

Treasures from the VOC Era. Original Copper Duit From the United East Indian Company. Minted from the one of the 5 different provinces of Netherlands: Gelderland, Zealand, Utrecht, Holland or West-Friesland.

One Golden Gulden = 20 Silver Stuivers = 160 Copper Duiten, so one Duiten is worth about 2 1/2 cents. Modern € is worth 44 Stuivers.  These coins were minted between 1733 to 1745.

In the Golden Age, the Dutch sailed the freighters of Europe.  The profitable bandel in Asian products, especially those in spices, was a great motivation for many small companies that sailed to the East.  That is why the Dutch government insisted on joining forces in order to prevent mutual competition. The Dutch East India Company (VOC) was a fact shortly afterwards. When it was founded in 1602, the VOC was given the Dutch monopoly for shipping and trade from our country to the areas east of the Cape of Good Hope.  In addition the VOC wa allowed to establish trading settlement, build forts and conclude treaties on behalf of the States General.  The Dutch East India Company consisted of six chambers: Amsterdam, Middelburg, Delft, Rotterdam, Hoorn and Enkhuizen.  The executive board consisted of Heren XVII. The back of the card holder list the Wages of different Positions aboard a 17th century VoC ship.

Captain 45.45 
Lieutenant €11.36
Carpenter €13.64
Sailor €5.00
Ships Boy €1.82