Finished Feather Bundle

Title: Finished Feather Bundle

Based on yar color n' style choices, we will customize a color coordinated array of plumes to compliment yar fine hat, arrrgh! Includes a ribbon to secure the bundle to yar hat. Arrrr feather bundles will only work with a properly cocked hat, which has ribbons attaching the brim of the hat to the crown. The ribbons create a pocket that the bundle slides into between the crown and the brim, and you pull the front ribbon through and tie over top of the cocking ribbons. Designed for arrr fine custom pirate hats, not really designed for the affordable mass produced hats or the leather hats (but can be made to work).

The Feather Bundle consists of:

(1) Large Ostrich Feather [20"-24"] in Black or White only

(1) Medium Ostrich Feather [apx. 16"] 15 available colors

(2) Pheasant Feathers [brown/black stripe, all black, red/black stripe] or (2) Peacock Feathers.

If ye be orderin' a Feather Bundle by itself, make sure ye add a note of what yar colors arrr to be, savvy?