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Front View o' the Jack Sparrow Waistcoat
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Front View o' the Jack Sparrow Waistcoat
Side View o' the Captain Jack Sparrow Waistcoat
Jack Waistcoat
View o' the Pocket o' the Jack Sparrow Waistcoat
Complete Captain Jack Sparrow Outfit
Jack Waistcoat
Jack Waistcoat

Jack Waistcoat

$ 175.00

Med 36-40
Large 41-44
XL 45-48
XXL 49-53
Sea Blue

Here be a historically correct waistcoat that be modeled after the one Capt Jack Sparrow wears in the POTC movies. Meant to be worn without a frock coat, so ye always be ready ta fight! 

• Outer shell be made of 100% cotton fabric
• Two functional pockets
• Fully lined with linen/cotton blend fabric 
• 18 real metal, pewter colored buttons 
• Using arrrr no pull off buttons
• Back panel has 4 inches of adjustablity

The color of the waistcoat be a darker navy blue, (as seen in the last photo) we could not get the original fabric anymore.

Washing instructions Category 2: Hand wash, line dry

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