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Large Hat Pin
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Large Hat Pin
Large Hat Pin
Large Hat Pin

Large Hat Pin

$ 26.00

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Skull Medieval B - nb
Skull Medieval C - nn
Skull Medieval D - bn
Mermaid E - bb
Mermaid F - nb
Mermaid G - nn
Mermaid H - bn
Skull Triangle I - nn
Skull Triangle J - bn
Skull Triangle K - bb
Skull Triangle L - nb
Sword M - bb
Sword N - bn
Sword O - nn
Sword P - nb
Fleur de Lis - nb
Fleur de Lis - bb
Fleur de Lis - bn
Fleur de Lis - nn
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A grand way to customize yar pirate tricorne or cavalier hat be to add one of arrrr Pirate Hat Pins. We get new metal pins each month n' each batch can be different, so the pin of yer dreams may be gone if ye don't order quickly! These hat pins can also be used on clothing, such as coats, dresses, or pouches.

Size: 3:25 x 2 inches

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