Men's Tartan Kilt

Style: Black Watch
Size: XS: 29-32

Here be a modern kilt, sometimes called a walking kilt which be shorter than a traditional great kilt.  The Highland Regiments in North American, during the French N Indian War, began modifying their great kilts to make them less cumbersome in the dense forests they fought in.

• Made of medium weight machine washable acrylic, so they be cool and itch free 
• One leather inside strap and two outside straps give 3 inches of adjustably
• 23 inches long with 19 to 25 pleats in the back, depending on the size
• Sizes are based on actual waist measurement, not yer pant size

Washing instructions Category 3: Wash cold, line dry

Size Chart
XS: waist 29-32
S: waist 32-34
M: waist 35-38
L: waist 39-42
XL:waist 43-46
XXL: waist 47-50