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Early Model Naval Dirk

Title: Naval Dirk

A dirk be a long thrusting dagger and this one be perfect fer 1660-1710, the Golden Age of piracy.  Originally created fer ship's boys who be too small to use a large cutlass, they be fast and light to use. Since Navy officers were always fearful of mutinies, they were required to carry a weapon at all times n' this was the perfect weapon to carry around daily.  Generally the cutlass was only brought out for battle.

Fer the modern day pirate this be the perfect weapon to carry at crowded parties, parades n' festivals.  Great fer wenches who don't want something big and heavy but still want to be fashionably deadly.

• Brass shell guard, quillon, n' pommel 
• Includes leather scabbard with brass frog button and scabbard tip protector
• Carbon steel 14.5 inch long blade
• Bone handle

• Overall Length: 23", Weight: 1.10 lbs.