Pirate Leather Belt Pouch

Size: Medium Pirate Black

Here be a wonderfully crafted, soft n' sturdy,  leather pirate belt pouch. The pouch be style after the Highlander style day Sporran wallet. This be easy to open, but not so easy ye'll be robbed.  One of our most popular belt accessories n' a must have fer carrying yer treasure!

• Now available only with clasp fixture
• Heavy duty cow leather fer the top n' back
• Flexible medium weight leather for bag section
• Fits on any belt up to 2.5 inches wide
• Comes in pirate black, rogue brown or Bucs red

Med Pouch be 8" long, 8" wide, 2" thick

Large Pouch be 11.5" long, 9.5 "wide, 3" thick

Click here fer the smaller pouch.