Pirate Musketeer Boots

Size: Womens 7.5
Metal: Brass

These 1650 cavalry musketeer boots arrrr the perfect swashbuckling pirate boot. We added a larger buckle in the center vs. small buckle to the side on the original pattern as this be what a real pirate would of worn, yarrr! Perfect fer the Captain Morgan look, those portraying French Musketeers, n' English Civil War reenactors.

• Black high quality cowhide
• Comes with steel or brass buckles
• 1.75 inch heel made of rubber over leather
• Square toe design (but not flat) fer maximum comfort
• 17 inches tall in low position and 31 inches tall in high position
• Button to keep yer flap up - no more saggy buckets!

* Now available in Women's size 7.5 and 8!

NOTE: It will be 2025 before we get the next resupply of boot, so we only have small sizes currentlu.

This be arrr affordable copy of the BBC TV series Musketeer Boot