Rope Sandals

Color: Pirate Black
Size: 5

These here rope sandals be the most affordable footwear a pirate can have n' keeps yer feet from being bare!  Arrrrr shop wenches swear by these sandals fer pirate festivals, n' our leather smith wears them every day!

• Comes in two colors: natural n' black
• Made of polypropylene rope, which be comfortable n' durable
• Can be machine washed n' dried, but we suggest washed with a high pressure hose n' dried in the sun
• Protects feet from sharp coral n' hot sand, while allowin' the feet to breathe

Comes in men's sizes, so if ye be a female, just order 1.5 sizes smaller than yer women's shoe size. So a women's size 6.5 is a men's size 5.

The sandals come in full sizes, so order the next size up, so if you wear a 7.5, then order a size 8.