Sailor Slops

Color: Rogue Brown
Size: Med 28-34

Here be the pants that pirates love the most. They be redesigned n' back in stock. This be my favorite pants, they are high waisted so they distribute the weight of a sash and heavy loaded belt really well, so they are super comfortable. So big men don't like them because they think it makes them look fat, but I disagree. 

In 1628 the British Admiralty made sailor's clothing, called "slops," available to the men they press-ganged. These consisted of a suit of canvas with a doublet and breeches, Monmouth caps, cotton waistcoats and drawers, stockings, linen shirts and shoes. Pirates found the pants easy to wear n' comfortable, so they took them!

• Made of 100% cotton fabric; same as the sea wolf breeches
• Back lacing with 5 inch of adjustability 
• Baggy n' comfortable fit, goes 2 or 3 inches past the knee
• Great for showing off yer pirate socks
• Metal buttons of silver on black or gold on brown

Washing instructions Category 1: Machine wash N dry

NOTE: Waist size is based on Actual Measurement of waist n' NOT on common jean sizes.


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