Sea Rover Leather Pirate Baldric

Color: Pirate Black
Material: Brass

The grand thing about being a pyrate is carrying lots of dangerous looking weapons. The best way to do that would be with arrr new shoulder baldric. We crafted this flexible n' complete Leather Baldric system ourselves - you can add holsters and dagger holders. If ye be needing a left handed baldric, look no farther!

•There are 2 "D"rings to attache the baldric holster

• Flexible connection with beautiful roped concho
• Jolly Big 2.5 inch Buckle in brass or nickel finishes, they match the ones on arrr belts.
• This here holder of weapons be flexible in that it can change from right handed to left handed with the adjusting of two Chicago Screws.
• Fits swords with blade widths from 1.75 to 2.5 inches which can also be adjusted with a standard screwdriver, and the angle of the baldric can be changed as well.
• 60 inches long with 17 inch of adjustment to fit most pirates from 5'4 to 6'4, with leather keeper.
• The Sea Rover Baldric come in 2 colors: Pirate Black or Rogue Brown. Both be flexible 9 oz leather.
• Doesn't include the optional Baldric Holster o' Baldric Knife Holder -see below!

How to Adjust a Sea Rover Baldric