Sea Wolf Waistcoat

Color: Pirate Black
Size: Med 36-40

This be arrr most popular waistcoat fer the rough looking rogue.  It features an expanding back slit , good fer big belly mates.  The long waistcoat be the style during the Golden Age of Pirates, they become shorter during the Rev War.

• Made of 100% Cotton Fabric
• Lace up back slit that will expand up to 6 inches in the waist
• Two functional pockets
• Fully lined with cotton waistcoat
• 18 real metal buttons, may be silver or gold based on choice of fabric
• One slit in the back and two at side to give flexiblity during fighting.
• Currently comes in 5 Color: Sea Blue, Rogue Brown, Burgundy, Pirate Black or Bloody Red.
• Golden Age of Pirate length, longer than the Sea Worthy

Washing Instructions Category 3: Machine Wash, Line Dry