Short Sea Service Percussion Pistol (Black Powder)

Title: Short Sea Service Percussion Pistol

The Tower Short Sea Service Percussion pistol was used by the British from, 1840-70 prior to and after the Crimean war. It was used by all the crown colonies as well as the East India Company.

• Certified Proof Tested
• Lifetime Warrantee
• Feature a swivel ramrod catch which prevents losing the ramrod overboard or falling from the rigging.
• .62 caliber smooth bore, 7 inch octagonal to round barrel.
• As this is a Military Weapon, it used a standard musket percussion cap
• Barrel, lanyard loop N Lock have been blued.
• The trigger guard, buttcap n' ramrod pipe be of solid brass.
• Beautiful walnut wood stock
• Front n Rear Sights
• Uses a Musket Percussion Cap
• 65 grains for blank loads n' 35 grains for ball

• Length: 14", Weight: 1 lbs 11 ozs.

Only available in USA


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