Spirit Gum or Remover by Mehron

Type: Spirit Gum & Remover

This amber colored, alcohol/resin liquid adhesive solution be perfect fer attaching crepe hair, wigs, jewels, prosthetic noses n' bald capes.

Best to use the specially developed solvent to remove the Spirit Gum. Gentler to the skin than most other removers.

• Spirit Gum comes in a 1 oz (30ml) bottle

• Spirit Gum Remover come in a 1 oz (30ml) bottle
How to use Spirit Gum: Dab spirit gum directly to clean dry skin with brush or fingers directly.  Secure prosthetic or hair to the area, press n' smooth to ensure adhesion.  Remove with Sprit Gum Remover, followed by soap n' water.

• Or get both the 1 oz bottle of remover and a .125 tiny bottle of Spirit Gum