Vixen Pirate Bodice

Size: 24
Color: Red

This here be a short-waisted bodice that be more comfortable than arrr standard corsets n' bodices. This be designed with a similar look n' silhouette of traditional stays, n is great when the weather be hot n' ye need a full range of motion, as the shorter wait leave ye unhindered.  Great fer everything from renfairs to boatrides!
• Flat steel boning fer better durability n' shaping
• Front n’ back lacing fer a secure fit n' wider range of sizing. Comes with modesty panels
• Built strong enough to reduce the waistline 2 to 4 inches, but doesn't slim you down as much as arrrr regular corset or bodices.  Ye can think of it as a very supportive bra.
• Comes in sizes 20 to 30, but we'll be epanding the size range in the coming year
• Comes in red on black or brown on brown brocade
• This bodice has a 6 inch difference between the chest and the waist, so can be worn with small or large breasted women.

Washing instructions Category 1: Dry clean only