Vixen Pirate Skirt

Color: Jolly Red
Size: Small 28-34

Vixen Skirt is perfect as an outer skirt o' by itself fer the free sprited wench.
•It has beautiful embroidered design at waitline and along bottom edge of skirt.
•Elastic at back of waist for easy wearing.
• Made from 100% natural cotton for comfort n' breathablity.
•Easy to tuck up in belt o' sash to show off underskirt.
• Can be worn by itself or layer over the Doxie Skirt for the proper over n' under skirt combination
• Comes in 6 colors: Jolly Red, Pirate Black, Emerald Green, Sea Foam Blue, Princess Pink N' Saffron Gold

Vixen skirt is One Skirt Only, many of the photos are show in combination of other skirts, as this the way it looks best, plus that be the historical correct way of wearing a overskirt n' a petticoat.


Washing Instructions Category 3: Wash Cold, Line Dry