Pirate Fashions on the Big N Little Screen

We have been involved with numerous pirate movies, tv shows and documentary in the past few years.  While we have never actively pursued that type of business, we almost never say no to it.  We have greatly benefited with are partnership with Loyalist Arms in Canada, who has many connection to the film industry.  Most of arrrr credit are gun related because their are very few companies that produce the range of black powder firearms that we make.  The costume and prop guilds of Hollywood prevents us from getting much of that business so far.  
TV Series:
Starz Black Sails - Numerous Black Powder Firearms
AMC Turn - 50 Muskets
ABC Crossbones - Blunderbuss & Firearms
AMC Sleep Hollow - Set of Black Powder Dueling Pistols
Sponge Bob2 - Sword N Baldric
Beethoven 5 - British Officer Uniform
3 Musketeers - Wheellock
America: Imagine the World Without Her - Costume, Firearms & Extra
Vice's Pirate Documentary for Assasins Creed 4 - Black Powder Demonstration
History Channel's Musuem Men - Black Powder Expert
Fox Channel 13 New - Interview by Charlie Belcher

We are in discussions with a number of interesting film project, which of course we can't discuss yet. 


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