Review of The Lost Pirate Kingdom

Just finished watching the 6 episodes of Netflix's documentary, The Lost Pirate Kingdom.  It focuses on the port of Nassau and the famous pirate that surrounded it during the Golden Age of Pirates.  It was very much based on the book "Republic of Pirates" by Colin Woodard.  Of all the documentaries about piracy, this would be the best I have seen, it be longer and better predicted than any other.  It has great pacing, as you never get bored.  They have way more recreation vs expert commentary, which is the reverse of most documentaries, as Netflix's has a bigger budget than most.  This is no Hollywood big hundred million dollar A list movie, but it be a good few nights entertainment.  The story is clear and the actors did a good performance.

The thing I didn't like the most the cheesy pirate ship, especially how the sails flap in the wind is very unrealistic.  It's good to see that use the smaller sloop, instead of just larger frigates and galleons. The didn't go into the ships, weapons or tactic used by pirates, because they focused on personalities and politics.  They used cheap Denix non-firing replica pistols instead of real black powder pistols. The first half of the series was great, but the second half as not so good as when they put computer graphics firework sprinklers in Blackbeard's beard instead of slow match. The tale of Blackbeard's Demise was pretty inaccurate.  I don't believe that Anne Bonny sleep with Hornigold or Teach.  Captain Vain's pirate coat had lapels didn't come in fashions for another 50 years - of course I am going to notice as I make pirate garb for a living.  They did repeat scene a few time was annoying. Lot of little deal they got wrong, but overall the major things they got mostly correct.

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