Disney's POTC Ride changes the Red Wench into the Redd the Pirate


Due to the sexual harassment and the #MeToo movement, Disney has transformed the original 1967 saucy red haired wench waiting be be sold on the Pirate of the Caribbean ride to a red haired pirate holding a rifle n' wearing a tricorn hat.  Many fan liked it better the original way, but times be a changing.


Something else we noticed be the unique Women's Treasure Belt that Redd the Pirate be wearing.  I was wondering why Anaheim n' Orlando be ordering so many belts from me lately. Disney doesn't buy that much from me as they have their own costuming dept, but fer things they don't make, they get some of it from Pirate Fashions.



August 07, 2020

Not necessarily , in 1967 there was a dream and an image of how history was back in the pirates life then why change it. We can’t re write history not now or ever. Unfortunately that was a way of life and we really should not allow modern ways of thinking to change historical events. I’m a woman and agree with some of the things that women have experienced ,however if it part of our world then we have to learn to accept it even if it was curl and wrong. We need to allow our children to know the difference of what wrong and what is right and changing an highly recognized and very admired park attraction is NOT completely correct. We need to make sure that we don’t lose the entertainment park of the Disney legend and legacy. Please return REDD to her correct historical moment in her life. Thank you

- Marie huerta

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