Free Pirate Bandana DAY


First Citrus Bank be the choice of Pirate Fashions.  It has been the best bank this here pirate has used in his entire business career of 35 years.  They arrrr the first bank who cared enough to come visit my shop.  They got me two PPP loans during the Black Plague n' refinanced the mortgage on the building. They feature a different small local business to celebrate with a gift.

Well blow me down, they arrrr going to buy you a pirate bandana if ye walk into my shop on Dec 10, 2022 between 11am to 6pm.  No purchase necessary.  If ye get one of arrrr fancy silk bandanas which cost $25, you get $15 off the price.  Any bandana in arrr large collection be available:, we will even have orange bandanas available fer the first time.  Sorry this offer doesn't apply on-line, on in the Tampa store.


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