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Free Pirate Bandana DAY


First Citrus Bank be the choice of Pirate Fashions.  It has been the best bank this here pirate has used in his entire business career of 35 years.  They arrrr the first bank who cared enough to come visit my shop.  They got me two PPP loans during the Black Plague n' refinanced the mortgage on the building. They feature a different small local business to celebrate with a gift.

Well blow me down, they arrrr going to buy you a pirate bandana if ye walk into my shop on Dec 10, 2022 between 11am to 6pm.  No purchase necessary.  If ye get one of arrrr fancy silk bandanas which cost $25, you get $15 off the price.  Any bandana in arrr large collection be available:  https://piratefashions.com/collections/pirate-bandana, we will even have orange bandanas available fer the first time.  Sorry this offer doesn't apply on-line, on in the Tampa store.


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Pirate Fashions featured in A24 Florida! Book

A24, the art film studio who produced the movie  Everything Everwhere All at Once with Michelle Yeoh, also produces books.  They interviewed me about 2 years ago for a $50 art book called Florida!, that just came out last month.  It contains hundreds of unique places to visit in the pirates favorite state.

Gabrielle Calise interviewed me for this book n' also the Tampa Bay Times article. Overall the 3 page article does a great job of giving the history of the store n' some interesting facts behind the chest. 

I don't know why she didn't include any photos taken for the book.  What I didn't like was that it gave a price list of what a high end outfit would cost 'n then put it next to an old 1970 photo of three girls in cheap pirate outfit.  This misleads people into thinking that for $1236 you can get three horrible pirate costumes. Sometimes fortune come with misfortune, arrrgh!


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Is Pirate Fashions Environmentally Friendly?

We hate companies that Green Wash. Just like we hate companies that use the good name of Piracy fer personal gain only, when in fact they have nothing to do with piracy other than their company name has the word pirate in it for marketing purposes only.

It has been in arrr DNA to try to use materials that pirates used during the Golden Age, so 90% of the items we sell are made of cotton, linen, wool, silk, leather, bone, feathers n' metal.  Only a few items have nylon, such as arrr pirate flags and fishnet hosery.  Our corsets use cotton in the lining, steel in the boning, but polyester on the outside (as we have not been able to find a good source for cotton brocade. The Gasparilla throw bead are all plastic.  We don't sell any of those cheap Halloween costumes which are almost all made of petroleum products.  

Customer ask why my paper n' wood fan arrr so expensive, it's because they not be made of polyester n' plastic. Pirates arrrr looking fer fancy brocade Frock Coats, we don't have them because we can't find a natural version of them other than $80 - 120 per yard silk.  We have to settle fer a nice cotton DaMask fabric instead. We have experiemented with using bambo, hemp n' ramie fabric but they didn't work out.

Everytime we launder polyester fabric, we arrr washing millions of tiny microplastic particles into the wastewater which enter the rivers, oceans, drinking water and food chain. We arrr happy not to be a part of that issue.

Arrr biggest issue be all the plastic bags n' card board boxes we use to recieve n' ship plunder out in.  The entire retail industry doesn't have a solution n' either do we.  If you have a suggestion, me us know.

The other issue Pirate Fashions has be all the energy needed to transport product to arrr location.  One third of the products we sell are made right in our store (which is more that most retail shops), so we do save on transportation there, but we still need to buy arrr supplies from some where else. 

We don't market that we arrrr Green, but fer those pirate who care about the environment, we here at Pirate Fashions be doing arrr part!

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Super Bowl 55 interview from Spectrum News


With all the excitement surrounding this years Super Bowl, Spectrum News  Channel 9 reporter, Alese Underwood boarded Pirate Fashions to see what be happening in Drew Park.  Once we dressed yer up in a Crimson Red n' Pewter Group Lady Buccaneer Outfit, she understood the magic of 115 years of Gasparilla spirit. She took a look how we make leather products, tricorne hats and sew pirate garments.  To see the Bay Area Costume Designer Sailing Along Thanks to Super Bowl interview, click below! There be a second video at the bottom of the page to watch as well.

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Pirate Color Series Begins!

Hoist yar Colours! Pirates wore whatever they darn well pleased n' so can you.  Arrr line of pirate garb comes in a rainbow of different colors n' shades.  Each month we will feature a different color, with the first being the color of the sea n' sky.

We offer many different shades of blue such as royal blue, navy blue, tortuga blue, n' sky blue. Our Women's collection includes various styles and pieces needed for a complete outfit, like blouses, corsets, skirts, pants, hats, bandanas, hip scarves n' jewelry, all available in a lovely shade of azul.  Our Men's collection be just as expansive, there be plenty of shirts, coats, waistcoats, breeches, sashes, bandanas, hats n' socks that come in the color of the ocean.

The color blue be a rather flexible color, as it represents stability n' reliability as well as calmness or serenity, but could go the way of  'feeling blue', n' can reflect a more sad n' gloomy disposition. Europe started to import the Indigo dye in the 15th century from India. Blue became fashionable in the royal courts in the 17th century, then in the 18th century it became the most popular color for military unitforms.  Blue be also the color of France.


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Halloween Fiestas during Covid-19

Brenda Brito of the local Spanish TV Station 49 Telemundo featured Tiger Lee n' Pirate Fashions in her piece on Halloween Events during the current Black Plague. She interview one of arrr Hispanic customers. View video at 0:45-1:18, Halloween is not Cancelled! https://www.telemundo49.com/coronavirus-local/todo-listo-para-disfrutar-de-halloween-en-temporada-de-pandemia/2023263/

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Introducing the Pirate Plunder Show

On Sept 19, 2020, Talk Like a Pirate Day, we broadcast our very first live shopping event.  It went well so Pirate Fashions will begin hosting our 45 to 60 minute Pirate Plunder Live Streaming Shopping Show starting on Oct 4, Sundays at 5pm EST

Live Shopping is basically taking QVC n' putting it on the web.  In China, live shopping is already a $60 Billion business. In the US, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram n' Youtube have already started live streaming projects.  It be only beginning to grow in the US, but we pirates alway be on the cutting edge of taking in money.  

Instead of offering fake sales n' pressure cooking limited inventory to force viewers into buying product, we plan on selling by educating the viewer via interactive question n' answer sessions, showing off our products honestly n' allowing our customers to make informed purchases.

Click here to watch

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7 Seas Custom Pirate Frock Coat

After 2 years of development we finally have arrr new custom pirate frock coat!  This coat has a shipload of different options so ye can design a unique piece that perfectly matches the rest of yar outfit.  There be 19 different question that ye be needing to answer to get this fine treasure. The basic coat starts at $275 n' can go up to $1155 if ye splurge on all the options, which includes choices in fabric, a cape, trim, back button holes, a collar, lapels, n' skirt pleating. Best to watch the video that fully explains all the options, yarrr!

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The Magic of Themed Pirate Cruise


Cruise travel has continued to grow in popularity due to the great packaged deals they provide, including food, accommodations, transportation, n' entertainment; all encompassed in one price.  It's more bang fer yer buck, plus ye don't have to pack n' unpack yar baggage every time you visit a different location. The big drawback is you are on a huge ship with nobody you know other than yar cabin mate.

Themed Cruise travel such as food, wine, n' music themes have exploded in the past few years.  It allows guests to enjoy a certain hobby with others who share similar interests. Many times more popular themes such as "Star Trek," or "The Walking Dead," take up the entire ship.  Unfortunately, this too has a downside, as these big themed cruises can double the cost due to the expense for the additional entertainment. 

Arrr Pirate's Life Cruise is a small group of united brethren.  It be fer pirate loving souls who wish to seek new acquaintances in the pirating genre 'n rendezvous throughout the many dinners, shore excursions, n' specialty events.  We not be making any money off this cruise, so you are actually getting a better deal than a regular passenger because as a group, we be able to negotiate a Drink Package.

So, why arrrr we doing this cruise without a profit motive?  To have some fun, learn a bit about the hospitality business n' get to know arrrr customers better.  Unlike a Disney cruise, every night on arrr cruise will be a Pirate Night without kids! 

If ye have not signed up yar pirate-lovin' soul, (28 mates have joined the account already-we still have room fer more,) but want to know more about the cruise to the Caribbean, click below:

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