Is Pirate Fashions Environmentally Friendly?

We hate companies that Green Wash. Just like we hate companies that use the good name of Piracy fer personal gain only, when in fact they have nothing to do with piracy other than their company name has the word pirate in it for marketing purposes only.

It has been in arrr DNA to try to use materials that pirates used during the Golden Age, so 90% of the items we sell are made of cotton, linen, wool, silk, leather, bone, feathers n' metal.  Only a few items have nylon, such as arrr pirate flags and fishnet hosery.  Our corsets use cotton in the lining, steel in the boning, but polyester on the outside (as we have not been able to find a good source for cotton brocade. The Gasparilla throw bead are all plastic.  We don't sell any of those cheap Halloween costumes which are almost all made of petroleum products.  

Customer ask why my paper n' wood fan arrr so expensive, it's because they not be made of polyester n' plastic. Pirates arrrr looking fer fancy brocade Frock Coats, we don't have them because we can't find a natural version of them other than $80 - 120 per yard silk.  We have to settle fer a nice cotton DaMask fabric instead. We have experiemented with using bambo, hemp n' ramie fabric but they didn't work out.

Everytime we launder polyester fabric, we arrr washing millions of tiny microplastic particles into the wastewater which enter the rivers, oceans, drinking water and food chain. We arrr happy not to be a part of that issue.

Arrr biggest issue be all the plastic bags n' card board boxes we use to recieve n' ship plunder out in.  The entire retail industry doesn't have a solution n' either do we.  If you have a suggestion, me us know.

The other issue Pirate Fashions has be all the energy needed to transport product to arrr location.  One third of the products we sell are made right in our store (which is more that most retail shops), so we do save on transportation there, but we still need to buy arrr supplies from some where else. 

We don't market that we arrrr Green, but fer those pirate who care about the environment, we here at Pirate Fashions be doing arrr part!

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